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About Mirror of Venus

Mirror of Venus is a branch of Anne Companion Photography; Anne does all of the sessions herself in the privacy of her Hampton studio. Portraits are only shared online with clients' written permission.

Why "Mirror of Venus?" Legend has it that after the goddess Venus looked into a mirror that mirror forever after reflected the beauty of every woman that looked into it. The mission of Mirror of Venus Boudoir Portraits is to provide exclusive  boudoir portrait experiences to modern women that bring out the goddess in every woman. Treat yourself and let us reflect your beauty! What you wear is up to you; your comfort is very important. But don't be afraid to push yourself a little too!

A note from Anne: As a 52-year old mother of two I know how easy it is to feel down about your body or think "well, maybe I'll do this when I lose some weight." Doing a boudoir session myself was an incredibly exciting and empowering experience; it's great to do it as a gift for someone else but do it for yourself too!


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